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Gourmet Getaway

The “Gourmet Getaway” is the perfect offer for an unforgettable evening. Enjoy a delicious dinner (Gourmet or Tasting menu) at the Gourmet Manor and spend the night in one of the charming rooms of the Manor.

  • “Gourmet Getaway” with Gourmet Diner at 238€ for 2 people.
  • “Gourmet Getaway” with Tasting menu for diner at 270€ for 2 people.
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Culinary Journey

Take the “Culinary Journey” if you want to learn the secret of great french cuisine. In addition to the “Gourmet Getaway” offer you will have a private one hour and a half class with the chef to create delicious local and fine gourmet food.

  • “Culinary Journey” with Gourmet Diner at 388€ for 2 people
  • “Culinary Journey” with Tasting menu for diner at 420€ for 2 people.
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Full Normandy Experience

The “Full Normandy Experience” will take you directly into Normandy’s traditional fish markets and farmer’s market with an hour visit to select the most delicious ingredients for your cooking class.

  • “Full Normandy Experience” with Gourmet Diner at 448€ for 2 people.
  • “Full Normandy Experience” with Tasting menu for diner at 480€ for 2 people.
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